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Winter Senior Pet



BCPH would like to introduce this year’s Winter Senior Pet

Mickey is one of our favorite Beagle friends, always happy to come see us, have a bath, and have some treats!
Mickey has a history of intestinal upsets, including pancreatitis and gastro-esophageal reflux disorder ("heartburn") He is well controlled with special diet and medications to help his stomach contract and move the food into his small intestines.  Early in 2021 he had to have his gallbladder removed but came through the surgery and recovery like a champ!  We found the gall bladder issue related to his senior testing in Dec 2020 and are glad we did as it has lessened the intestinal upsets.  His senior testing this fall revealed a mass that needed to be removed on his arm.  We were all very happy to get a benign diagnosis from that with no further treatments needed.  Mickey continued to be the star patient with that surgery, and didn't even bother the leg wrap!  No e collar needed, everyone is always happier without those silly things!

Mickey Mickey

Message from Mickey Owner

Hello:  My name is Mickey; I’m twelve years old and counting. I like doggie treats a lot.  Cookies, Greenies, biscuits and anything that falls off of your plate. I’m not a huge TV fan.  I prefer light classical music and someone’s lap, when they’re available. If you wake me from one of my naps, you should be prepared to pay for the interruption with a biscuit, sometimes two biscuits. I’m not always taking a doggie nap.  Sometimes I just think about taking a nap. When all is going along well, there’s always something good to chew on. As Christmas approaches, I like to rest and think about the toys and doggie treats under the tree. Occasionally, I enjoy being pet, especially on my chest and behind my ears.  I’m always available for a little affection.