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Summer Senior Pet Brando


Message from Owner

Wolf Creeks The Wild One (Marlin Brando) came to us at 8 weeks old from a good friend and breeder. He is currently 8 years old. Brando has a very friendly and easy-going personality. He is always happy and enjoys having his belly rubbed. Brando’s activities include daily walks at the park, chewing knuckle bones, playing with his son Cosmo and long naps. One of his favorite things to do is a trip to Folsom Lake to explore, swim and retrieve sticks.

Brando looks forward to his visits with Dr. Raymond. When he sees her his stubby tail goes a hundred miles an hour and insists, she give him a treat.


Message from Dr. Raymond

WE have been seeing Brando since he was a tiny pup, now 142 pounds and all muscle and brawn! But he is sweet and LOVES cookies, he can be bribed! Brando has had both his stifles ("knees") "re-built". He had lameness associated with cruciate ligament disease and had TPLO surgery on both legs. The TPLO surgery cuts the tibia bone and changes the angle it articulates with the end of the femur, then a stainless steel plate is placed to hold the tibia in this new angle while it heals. This surgery makes it so the forces are different in the stifle and the cruciate ligament is no longer necessary to stabilize the joint. Brando did great with the 10 week rehab after each surgery and is strong and comfortable. He hasn't had any other major medical issues, this is enough! He occasionally gets some furunculosis (deep skin infection) on the pressure points on his legs and chin from laying on the hard surfaces to keep his body cool. Brando's owners are sure to have us do a thorough exam and check his blood and urine and even an abdominal ultrasound twice a year at this point to catch any new issues before they become a problem. Brando has sired a litter of puppies and his owners have his son Cosmo who is 2 years old now.