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BCPH would like to introduce this year’s Fall Senior Pet, Bud.

Bud's Story

In 2015, I noticed a big but thin ginger tabby hanging around my house. Who was this? He was calm, interested but wary, not letting me touch him; the boundary he set was about 3 feet. That was alright by me, thinking he was a neighbor’s pet that would soon find his way back home. Where home was, exactly, became the question. He was thin and was at my home every morning and evening, which, coincidentally, was mealtime for my inside kitty family. (He must have heard the cans opening.) You know the rest. No one could place him with a family; his home turned out to be the sheltered porch of the vacant house in back of my home. So meal service began. This went on for months but I had to get him to let me get closer; he was not neutered and this was not acceptable. Spring was around the corner and we had enough cats. One day out of the blue he gave my hand a head-butt and the ice was broken!  I could wait no longer when he showed up with a swollen and painful front leg. He had been in a fight for sure. He must have been someone’s pet because he crated and travelled great. He got the care he needed and since he was unchipped and “at large”, we talked it over and he became the sixth kitty in my family. (He brought number 7 several months later. *sigh*) Luckily, he has been a healthy cat and deals with his vet visits pretty well. He had a bout of pancreatitis but Dr. Faber and Jeanine got him back to normal quickly. That was a bit scary…when Bud doesn’t want to eat, something is definitely wrong. I so appreciate the loving and capable care we both get from Blue Cross!

Once a bit of a neighborhood tough when homeless, he is now at 10, what I call “retired”. Only outside for some daytime hours, he has mellowed into a sweet and chill cat. Nobody can relax like Bud-flat on his back and four legs straight out. Can look a bit startling! He is still careful of strangers and keeps that boundary. We live in on a corner house near a park and he has become a neighborhood staple, monitoring the happenings of the passersby while lying on his favorite patch of front yard grass. Everybody knows Bud.

Look what was there, under the strain of homelessness…..a sweet and loving companion. Give a kitty a chance, you won’t regret it. 

Bud Bud Bud

Message from Dr. Faber

Bud has been getting senior lab work since 2018 annually. He continues to check out normal which is great for a big guy. These big cats are more prone to heart disease (why check BNP) hypertension (check BP) and Diabetes.  Super mellow be sure to write he comes on super heat wave days to safely board since her back yard shed guy!  Only health concern was a bout of suspected pancreatitis in fall 2019 which we treated with both in and then outpatient care fore few days.