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Spring 2022 Senior Pet



Eleven-year-old in-door tuxedo knows what he likes.   He likes Temptation treats. He lets his Mom know that he wants them by hitting the door stop outside the pantry door. He likes to be rubbed down every morning with his Mom’s damp shower towel, patiently waiting outside the shower eagerly anticipating a brisk rub. He likes his cat tower and can often be found fast asleep atop the highest basket.

When not in the house, he likes to sleep in his cat bed atop the garbage can in the garage all covered up in his Sherpa blanket. And, he likes his younger brother, Riley. In fact, Dakota watches for Riley to come walking down the hallway before he will go to sleep at night on the edge of his Mom’s bed.

We are very lucky that Blue Cross Pet Hospital has taken care of Dakota since he was adopted from Blue Cross at seven months of age. Besides his ongoing exams, he gets a nail trim every four months. Because he is now a senior cat, Blue Cross is carefully monitoring his health. We are indeed lucky to have Dakota and to have Blue Cross.



Message from Dr. Raymond,

Dakota was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Insufficiency, Stage 1, in July 2021.  This is by far the most common chronic disease we see in middle aged and geriatric cats. Unfortunately a significant amount of kidney cells have to no longer be functioning before any changes are seen in the urine and blood tests.  So, once diagnosed, we need to try to manage the side effects of less kidney cells functioning, which include things like elevated blood pressure, decreased appetite, weight loss, electrolyte abnormalities, and anemia.  We are able to help these cats with special prescription diets, medications for blood pressure and anemia, appetite stimulants when needed, replacement of potassium, and giving them fluids underneath the skin to help flush out the kidneys and keep the patient hydrated. 

Dakota is fortunate to not have any issues from his kidney disease at this time, he had a great Annual Senior Panel and urinalysis in March 2022.  Dakota is at this point managed with just Hills Prescription Diet K/D as part of his daily food intake.  He is monitored every 4 to 6 months to be sure we do not need to add something else, as we definitely prefer to keep ahead of the disease before the patient even knows there is anything wrong!