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BCPH's 2014 Spring Senior Pet



This year's Spring Senior Pet goes to Molly Shaw. She is a 13 year old terrier mix. Back in 2002 she was a young 18 month old rescue dog that the Shaw family instantly fell in love with. She is very kind, patient and friendly. Always up for a walk or a snuggle. She loves everyone, unless you're a squirrel or a cat attempting to invade her yard.

Molly and the Shaw family have been participating in BCPH's Senior Care Program for years. She has had bothSenior Care Level 1 and Level 2 Packages done to help monitor her health. She is an outstanding patient with minor health issues. Other than a few benign masses that Dr. Faber removed, troublesome anal glands that Dr. Raymond removed and age related soreness that Dr. Valentine continues to manage, she has been in fabulous health. Thanks to Molly's loving people, the caring staff at BCPH and the Senior Care Program we continue to monitor her aging annually.

Molly seems to keep improving with age, as Dr. Valentine would put it, "If I were an aging pet I'd love to be Molly!". She spends a bit more time sleeping but will surprise you when she starts bouncing around like a puppy. Here's to Molly Shaw one of BCPH's sensational seniors!