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BCPH's 2014 Summer Senior Pet 


          This year's Summer Senior Pet goes to Rusty Hudson. He's a 13 year old orange and white tabby cat. He was a scared shelter cat who quickly became an irreplaceable part of the Hudson family. Rusty is known for his very loud purr and meow! He is one of the friendliest cats you'll ever meet. He gets along with everyone and loves to greet visitors. One of his best friends happens to be a toddler, he puts up with tugs and pinches in exchange for cuddles and a warm lap.


          Rusty's family recently brought him in to BCPH for an annual exam, they decided to participate in the Senior Care Level 1 Package. Rusty seemed to be in pretty good health but had been losing weight. Dr. Raymond did an exam and sent some blood and urine to the lab for analysis. His exam was normal, but when the lab results came in Dr. Raymond found Hyperthyroidism in Rusty's blood work. Hyperthyroid is a tumor of the thyroid gland that makes extra thyroid hormone. This increases metabolism and that's why Rusty was losing weight. If not treated it eventually will be toxic to his heart and liver. Luckily, it can be treated and managed with daily medication.
          Rusty has been doing well since he was diagnosed and he has even gained weight! He actually enjoys his treats (medicine) twice a day. BCPH and Rusty's family will continue working together to manage his health, so he can enjoy his golden years. Whether it's making friends with his super loud purr, or taking a nap on the back of the couch, Rusty will remain a super senior pet.