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BCPH's 2013 Winter Senior Pet
Scrunch Cristy

This year's Winter Senior Pet goes to Scrunch Cristy. He's an amazing 20 year old main coon. The Cristy's first met Scrunch years ago when he lived next door. He liked to climb over the fence to hang out in the Cristy's backyard. One day Scrunch and his family moved about a mile down the road. That didn't stop Scrunch from continuing to enjoy the Cristy's backyard as they often found him hanging around and lounging in the shade near their pool. They called Scrunch's family and they came to pick him up. This happened a few more times but the last time was when Scrunch hid from his owner when he came to pick him up. The Cristy's decided that Scrunch was welcome and soon, he made their house his own.

Scrunch has been coming to BCPH for a long time. We've helped him grow into a healthy senior and continue to monitor his elderly years. Scrunch's family (the Cristy's) have been participating in the Senior Care Program for many years, especially when he was diagnosed with kidney disease. The Senior Care Level 1 allows our doctors to monitor his blood work and urinalysis closely in order to maintain proper medications. As a result he is able to manage his kidney disease and is still ruling the Cristy's house. 

Now a days, Scrunch spends most of his time cuddling up on someone's lap or under the covers with his dad. Scrunch has always had a persevering personality, so at times he still bosses around the household or goes outside on a stroll. Thanks to his loving family and the caring staff of BCPH, Scrunch is a very impressive "young" man and continues to enjoy his good health.