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This year’s Winter Senior Pet goes to Lula Marszal.  She is an 11 year old Shepherd mix.  She became a part of the Marszal family when she was about 5 weeks old. They found her near the Universidad de las Americas Puebla in Cholula, Mexico. That’s how she got her name “Lula from Cholula”. They were able to get her to a veterinarian in Mexico and transport her to their home here in Sacramento. She joined the Marszal’s elderly golden retriever “Molly” and gave her new life during her last years.

Lula has been participating in our Senior Care Program for years. The blood work and urinalysis included in our Senior Care Level 1 Package enables our doctors to evaluate and monitor any changes that may occur as she ages. BCPH has been monitoring slight elevations in her lab work for years. The most recent annual exam Dr. Throne had come across enlarged lymph nodes and diagnosed her with Lymphoma. Although her lab work was within normal limits, he referred the Marszal’s to seek treatment with an Oncologist. Since then, Lula has been responding quite well to chemotherapy and continues to thrive.

BCPH is very happy to be a part of Lula’s life. With the help of her loving family, we will continue to help make Lula’s golden years the best they can be. Here’s to Lula a BCPH Super Senior!

Lula Marszal  Lula Marszal  Lula Marszal